To provide law enforcement, fire rescue, military, and public service agencies the most efficient, effective, and functional physical fitness training; to instill a sense of pride in all agency members in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by teaching the importance of fitness as a lifestyle, not a means to an end; to have each and every client be confident they are “Fit For Duty.”

To encourage the civilian general fitness population to train the Code 5 way with honest-to-goodness, old-school training using hard work to see real results through functional fitness.


To offer realistic fitness programs and testing protocols to law enforcement, public safety and general fitness populations. To be the industry standard in functional fitness training and teaching, and to accomplish this by offering hands-on classes and programs along with resources such as online training, publications, DVDs, workshops, and seminars


Integrity – Dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choose right over wrong, ethic over convenience, and truth over popularity... there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.
Honesty – with yourself, your colleagues, your family, your friends

Motivation – to continue, even in the face of adversity…  people do not lack strength, they lack will.
Drive – to succeed and to be the best of your ability
Passion – for your career and life
Courage – the quality that guarantees all others

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Be Fit for Duty!
Code 5 Fitness started as a grass roots training program for law enforcement officers. Current physical fitness standards for police, sheriffs, corrections, fire and even the armed forces mean specific training for a unique job description that most gym programs don't meet.

Code 5 Fitness founder Tricia Dong, a former VPD officer, knew what kinds of physical demands would be asked of police recruits during their application process, Academy training, and day-to-day duties once they graduated. So she focused her training on functional movement, not muscles, to get her clients "Fit For Duty!" Her experience, combined with fitness training knowledge, make her an invaluable resource for those serious about a career in law enforcement and public safety.

Eventually, word got out about the fun and effective training methods Tricia employed during her clinics, and more and more 'civilians' started coming out. Now, Code 5 Fitness clinics are a mix of sworn members, police and fire applicants, army reservists, and every level of the general fitness population from beginners to advanced! The meaning of "Fit for Duty!" has now expanded to encompass all definitions of duty - whether it be accountable to yourself as an individual, your family as a parent or spouse, your career, your country... what is your duty?

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