The April 25 Police Training Class (POPAT, SOPAT, COPAT, PARE) has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. 



Train Like Law Enforcement

Discover a Fitness Program Tailored for Duty and Beyond

Join Code 5 Fitness, where our roots lie in serving law enforcement officers with specialized training designed to meet the rigorous demands of their roles. Founder Tricia Dong, a former VPD officer, recognized the gap between traditional gym programs and the unique fitness requirements of law enforcement personnel. Drawing from her extensive experience, Tricia developed a revolutionary approach centered on functional movement rather than traditional muscle-building techniques.

At Code 5 Fitness, we’re dedicated to preparing individuals for the challenges they’ll face during the application process, Academy training, and the daily responsibilities of law enforcement. Our programs aren’t just about fitness; they’re about ensuring you’re “Fit For Duty” in every aspect of your career and life.

Whether you’re a sworn officer, a hopeful recruit, or a civilian seeking a new level of fitness, Code 5 Fitness is your path to strength, resilience, and readiness. Step into a training regimen that’s as dynamic as your commitment to public safety.

Ready to answer the call? Let’s train together.


Be the Best
You Can Be

At Code 5 Fitness, we are dedicated to revolutionizing fitness training for law enforcement officers, fire rescue personnel, military personnel, and public service agencies. Founded by Tricia Dong, a former law enforcement officer with the Vancouver Police Department and a seasoned fitness trainer, Code 5 Fitness is committed to providing specialized training that meets the unique physical demands of these roles.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals in law enforcement and public safety, Tricia Dong has crafted a training approach focused on functional movement. Unlike traditional gym programs, our training methodology emphasizes practical fitness that prepares individuals for the real-world demands of their professions.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to equip our clients with the strength, agility, and endurance necessary to excel in their roles and to lead healthy, fulfilling lives beyond the uniform. Whether you’re preparing for the police academy, maintaining peak performance as a seasoned officer, or simply seeking to improve your overall fitness, Code 5 Fitness is here to support you every step of the way.

Explore our full range of programs and discover how Code 5 Fitness can help you achieve your fitness goals and become “Fit For Duty.”


Police Training

Prepare yourself for the physical demands of law enforcement with our specialized Police Training program. Led by experienced instructors, our training focuses on functional movements and practical exercises tailored to the needs of police recruits, officers, and other law enforcement professionals. Key highlights include:

  • Comprehensive fitness assessments
  • Specific training for police physical fitness tests (POPAT, PARE, COPAT, SOPAT)
  • Real-world scenario simulations
  • Injury prevention techniques
  • Continuous support and guidance throughout your training journey

Kettlebell Training

Experience the transformative power of kettlebell training with our dynamic Kettlebell Training program. Led by certified kettlebell instructors, our sessions focus on building strength, endurance, and mobility using kettlebell exercises. Key highlights include:

  • Proper kettlebell technique instruction
  • Progressive workouts suitable for all fitness levels
  • Functional movements targeting multiple muscle groups
  • Cardiovascular conditioning and fat loss benefits
  • Individualized coaching and feedback for optimal results

Self-Defence Workshops

Equip yourself with essential self-defence skills and techniques through our empowering Self-Defence Workshops. Led by experienced martial arts instructors, our workshops provide practical strategies for personal safety and protection. Highlights of our workshops include:

  • Basic self-defence techniques for real-life scenarios
  • Situational awareness and threat assessment training
  • Effective striking, blocking, and grappling techniques
  • Confidence-building exercises and role-playing simulations
  • Ongoing support and resources for continued self-defence education


Don’t just take our word for it

"Code 5 is more than just preparation for a tough career. You meet lifelong supporters and family with this group. I took part in PARE prep over 3 years ago and I cannot express how awesome it was. Tricia, even to today, checks in on me and my career (3 yrs CBSA). If you’re considering a law enforcement career you need to do this program. I had no idea what the physicals were and when I left code 5 I felt prepared. Even ran at training as one of the 'done this' crew. Not to mention friends for life. Stay safe out there."
K.S., CBSA Officer
"I came to Code Five almost a year ago to improve my edge in the POPAT. What I received was not only outstanding coaching for the physical component, but also huge insight to the mental challenge. I've come along way with my time at code five and attribute my success to a positive attitude and amazing support from the fiver family. You won't find finer training for LEO anywhere! Starting POPAT time 3:50, current POPAT time 3 flat. Come taste the pennies!"
L.D., RCMP Officer
"The best total fitness training I have ever tried is Trish Dong's Kettlebell class. I am still taking the class, I am still learning, I am very impressed with kettlebells, and even more so with Trish. Kettlebells work the body as a unit, from the toes to the top of the head."
Lew Cottell
Lakan Isa (black belt) Maharlika Arnis
"The integration of Kettlebells forces you to really incorporate your core. When you go to the gym, most exercise is about isolation training and that does not coordinate the body to work as one. But with Kettlebells, it forces your body to basically have everything work as one, especially the core."
Mark Goh