The April 25 Police Training Class (POPAT, SOPAT, COPAT, PARE) has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Police Fitness Training

Our programs cater to aspiring applicants and active-duty personnel, ensuring readiness for the physical demands of law enforcement careers.

Total Body Fitness


Functional Police Fitness Training

Join Code 5 Fitness for specialized training designed for law enforcement professionals. Led by former VPD officer Tricia Dong, our programs focus on functional movement to prepare you for the physical demands of policing.

6-Week Police Training Program

Ready to commit to your fitness goals? Our 6-week program offers consecutive weekly training sessions, monitored by Code 5 staff. Whether you're applying to law enforcement or seeking to maintain your fitness, our structured program ensures accountability and results.

POPAT/PARE Test Practice

Prepare for your physical entrance test with Code 5 Fitness. Our dedicated sessions focus on POPAT, PARE, COPAT, and SOPAT training. Drop-ins welcome, but registration is mandatory for Thursday evening sessions at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

Skid Row Walking Tour

Experience an eye-opening journey through Vancouver's Downtown Eastside with our Skid Row Walking Tour. Led by local experts, this tour provides invaluable insights into urban challenges and community resources. (Suspended until further notice)

Fit For Duty: The Evolution of Code 5 Fitness

Code 5 Fitness originated as a grassroots training program tailored for law enforcement officers. Recognizing the specific physical demands of police, sheriffs, corrections, fire, and military roles, founder Tricia Dong, a former VPD officer, developed a training approach focused on functional movement rather than traditional muscle-centric workouts. This approach ensures participants are “Fit For Duty!” – prepared for the rigorous requirements of their careers from application to active duty.

As word spread about the effective and enjoyable training methods employed by Tricia, Code 5 Fitness classes expanded to include a diverse mix of participants, ranging from sworn members and police/fire applicants to army reservists, athletes, and individuals of all fitness levels. The concept of “Fit for Duty!” now extends beyond law enforcement to encompass personal accountability and readiness in various aspects of life.

Code 5 Fitness caters to individuals serious about training for careers in law enforcement and public safety, offering programs suitable for aspiring applicants, those preparing for fitness assessments, and individuals seeking challenging workouts to maintain peak fitness levels.

Police Training Class - Physical Test Practice


POPAT, PARE, COPAT, and SOPAT are physical abilities tests used by law enforcement agencies to assess candidates’ fitness levels and readiness for duty. These tests typically involve a series of tasks simulating real-world law enforcement scenarios, such as obstacle courses, pursuit simulations, and physical endurance challenges. Passing these tests is often a requirement for entry into law enforcement training programs or employment.



Police Officer Physical Abilities Test

The POPAT is a rigorous physical fitness exam tailored for aspiring police officers. It includes obstacle courses, stair climbs, and simulated pursuits to gauge candidates’ readiness for law enforcement duties.



Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation

The PARE is a standardized fitness assessment used by Canadian law enforcement agencies to measure candidates’ physical capabilities. It tests agility, endurance, and strength, ensuring candidates are prepared for the challenges of police work.



Correctional Officer Physical Abilities Test

The COPAT assesses the physical fitness of candidates seeking roles as correctional officers. It evaluates abilities such as restraint techniques, cell searches, and emergency response, essential for maintaining security in correctional facilities.



Sheriff Officer Physical Abilities Test

The SOPAT evaluates candidates’ physical preparedness for sheriff officer positions. It tests skills like warrant execution, courtroom security, and document service, ensuring candidates can handle the diverse duties of law enforcement within a sheriff’s department.

Upcoming for 2024

Note: Thursday evenings ONLY - Registration mandatory!

  • Drop-ins: Available for all sessions
    BLACKOUT DATE: Thursdays March 7
    (April 25 has been cancelled)
    Cost: $50
  • 6-class virtual punch cards: Available (all sessions to be used within 90 days) Cost: $250
  • How to register: E-mail [email protected] or call/text (604) 789-7175
  • Location: Chinese Cultural Centre, 50 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC


Bring your own water bottle
Enter off 500 block Carrall St, not E. Pender St
***Cancellation Policy*** 

All clients agree to provide Code 5 Fitness with 24 hours cancellation notice of the scheduled date and time of training, or will pay for the session in full. In case of sickness or injury AND with a doctor’s note, the missed session(s) can be made up within 30 days from the original scheduled session. Code 5 Fitness reserves to right to alter posted class dates and/ or times with a minimum of one week notice.

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